Monday, March 3


A Princess For A Day
Wish list

This is a little different from most of my posts. Today I have made a wishlist and wanted to share it with you. I have always dream of being able to have a closet of dresses that would fit me to a T, giving me the look of a Princess. Like most girls, I enjoy wearing beautiful things . They not only make me feel happy, but wearing wonderful clothes has some type of confident booster. I feel like a million bucks better wearing clothes that make me feel and look beautiful, like nothing can ruin my day.

So my inspiration is based on a fairy tail, to be a Princess for a day. Dressale has allowed me to make up my own wish list from their all so marvelous dresses they have to offer.I also have links of each so you can check out all the colors and sizes they have available.

Romance in Fancy One-shoulder Dress

Here is the link to this dress: 

Rhinestones Embellished Stud 

Earrings in Floral

Here is the link to these earrings:

and Charismatic Pointy Toe Low Heel 


Here is my link to this pair of shoes:

I would really love one day to wear 

this outfit out and that’s why I created 

this wish list. If your interested to 

check out the dresses they have to 

offer please do so below.

Remember every lady deserves to have something 

beautiful to wear and make them feel wonderful, so take 

advantage of all these great deals on Dressale and find 

your perfect fit.

Thank You 

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