Tuesday, March 25

Moderna Artisan Series 8 Glass Set

Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall 8 oz Beverage Glasses - 
Set of 8 Drinking Glasses

Thank you Ozeri for this lovely beverage glass set for today's review.

Today's review is on a set of Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Glasses. They make a terrific gift, a wonderful glass for serving at a party or any group setting, and just a perfect glass for enjoying your chilled or warm beverages in.  Ozeri has brought you a glass that gives you the luxury of comfort and enjoyment. For example, these glasses are made with dimples, two on each side allowing for easy gripping. They also have double walls for the drink to stay maintained at it's ideal temperature, and if your sipping on a hot drink like hot cocoa then the outer wall will provide your hands with protection from the hot beverage inside the glass.

When I first used this glass I notice the weight of the glass. Its not as heavy as you would think from the double wall feature. Instead it feels just like any other single wall glass, easy to hold and not weight your hand down while taking a sip. The outside of the glass as well as in, is nice and smooth and the dimples on the outside part allows for it to fit right into my hand. I actually think for a serving glass its very stylish and trendy for all your wonderful parties that you'd serve drinks at or even just for a family to enjoy.

Finally, I appreciate the fact that these glasses are safe in the freezer and microwave, as well as having any hot liquid poured into them.  Therefore, I can have my cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, or blended frozen mocha latte drink with a fancy yet perfect designed glass.  Just wonderful is all I can say.  Also I do want to point out that Ozeri will always make sure your satisfied with any product you buy from them. They stride for excellence and are always creating products with you in mind. 

If your interested in these glasses please check the set out here: Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Glass set

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