Wednesday, March 12

Digital Amenitites for children: The Duckymeter

The Duckymeter

Thank you Ozeri for another wonderful product.

Today's product was sent from Ozeri, as I reviewed many of their newest and innovative products.The product I'm reviewing today was meant to help tell the 
temperature of your bath water.  The shape of this little gizmo is of a rubber ducky, yellow and cute. This is a great way to keep a child safe from stepping into a hot bath water.

The cute little duckymeter brings back memories of the rubber ducky known for bath time. This duck has a temperature meter on the top that when it is submerged and  floating around in the water, it'll tell you the exact temperature and change colors from blue meaning cold, green meaning perfect , and red meaning too hot.

Therefore, I think this is a cute little toy for the little ones to play with and not be harmful in any way.
So your children can enjoy a perfect temperature bath, while you can keep a clear mind that they won't be in any danger of burning themselves.

I'm sure you understand, how it feels to have extremely hot water poured on you or taking a step into a bath tub or a foot bath with water that can practically cook you. So why not pick up this wonderful toy and never have to guess when its ready to take a step in.
Also, Its not a bad way for us adults to check the temperature as well when we need a relaxing bath.

Also comes in a cute turtle shape as well.

If your interested you can take a look at this adorable product here:
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