Friday, March 14

101 Color & Sing Bible Stories Created by: Stephen Elkins

101 Color & Sing Bible Stories

101 Color&Sing Bible Stories
Created by: Stephen Elkins

Thanks to Tyndale publishing for this free copy of the 
101 Color & Sing Bible Stories for reviewing.

Today's book is about learning the many stories from the bible. This is a great book for the entire family and especially for your children. It puts two things that kids love to do most, color and sing. The book itself has many popular songs from all the bible stories, which are placed on two separate CD's. After, hearing these songs your children will start memorizing each story from the book with the song they've heard for it.

In my opinion, when you put music with a story it becomes easier to understand and remember. Its like a technique that makes remembering something easier. As I went through this book I seen  many different captured images of what stories are being told through song on the CD's. There is nothing scary or frighting on any of the pages. The book is meant to be friendly and happy, not dark in any way. The book you receive will be hardcover with 208 pages, with 101 stories to color.

I think the entire book and CD's that come along with it, are a great idea. Kids are hard sometimes to get them to pay attention. However with this book, you have some fun pastime activities combined with learning to get children to remember and love the bible.

If your interested in this great book, please click on the link below. Also to mention its at a great deal for a Hardcover and 2 CD


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