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Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating fan

Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 
10" High Velocity Desk and Table Fan

First, I would like to thank Ozeri for this wonderful product.

The makes for a great desk and table fan. The 4 different temperature settings which makes for a nice quiet and relaxing air flow. The benefits of owning this fan is that your getting a remote control that not only work with the settings and turns it on, but you can time your fan for 4 hours max as well. Another perk is your not going to have this loud buzzing nosie that most fans give while turned on.

The fan itself is easy to turn the way you want it to face, as well this fan is perfect for small places and for anyone who wants to save some space. Also to note, with all Ozeri products, this Brezza III Fan is Guranteed to satisfy you, and ships fully assembled.  

While I was using this fan I notice that it was easy to move the head around, that it made life alot easier to use the remote control while sitting far from the fan to change it, and It did work with the decor in my room while not being this bulky huge product taking up every little bit of space I have in my small house. I am impressed by the products Ozeri delivers and this is one of the most terrific products that not only will keep you cool, but leave your house looking fabulous as well. When you have a small home, the last thing you would like is a huge product to steal so much space. Therefore, with the Brezza III Dual Fan your not only getting a wonderful product, but a lot more room in your home as well.

Its a new year and while it may be winter still, why not change that old huge fan and get a nice small yet strong enough to cool you type fan like the Brezza III.

Nothing beats the products from Ozeri. If your interested in this fan please check it out here:

Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating fan

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