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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Total Colon & Detox 
*7 Day Slim System With Complete Body Refresh*
Best Super Colon Cleanse Pro Detox Kit (Maintain Colon Health, Boost Energy, Lose Inches) All Natural Fiber Supplement

This product is another great healthy choice for those who are in need of cleaning out there body. Thanks to the Elite Gold Solutions Company for the terrific sample I am reviewing for you today.

The product is a terrific blend of fibers and herbs to help for a super colon clean out. The benefits will leave you happy and you are  guaranteed to have the body you want in 7 days. Many of us have built up of toxins growing deep inside where it becomes hard to get rid of. This causes for the extra weight we carry on from over time.  Have you ever seen those commercials of women and men losing weight with an instant detox drink or supplement. Sometimes that is a great idea, but some products aren't really as trust worthy to take when you want to do it the right way.

So with the Total Colon& Detox by Elite Gold Solutions your getting a super pill that will eliminate those toxins that are sticking to your colon walls and as well as bring you back the energy you most well desire.  Most of the signs to tell you that your in need of a detox is low energy, tired feeling all the time, gaining weight, skin may look dull and break out, and a bunch of other noticeable signs.  In many cases, a few people even doctors may recommend you to have a detox diet plan every few months or once a month.  Not only will it make you lighter, but it will help you feel more alive!

These Total Colon & Detox Pills from Elite Gold Solutions are terrific for cleaning you out, not only do they work but they will result in a fast and easy elimination of harmful toxins that you may had built up over the years or months.  Its more advisable to take these rather then laxatives or any abusive substances that may result in ruining your body, rather then helping.

The size of the pill is not to bad as well just a medium length and they dissolve pretty quick.  All you need to take is 1 or 2 a day and your results will be terrific!  If you don't believe me you can always look at eht other 5 star reviews on the amazon site :

Here's some information from the company:

Product Description


Here's a quick way to LEAVE YOUR TOXINS BEHIND and easily boost your health, vitality and longevity.

Tired of feeling bloated from today's over-processed foods and nasty toxins? 

DO DETOX RIGHT by keeping your colon health in check to stop harmful waste and toxin buildup from being absorbed in your body.

Clinical Strength Herbal Detox Cleanse
Our Total Colon & Detox Super Colon 1800 System is a simple, safe solution that protects your colon and gets RAPID RESULTS. You'll get a SAFE, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE COLON CLEANSE, flushing excess waste from your body.
How The Detox Works
This natural cleanse contains ingredients that help loosen and soften the build up of waste matter and stimulate natural elimination.
Total Colon & Detox 7 Day Slim System Cleanse Complete Body Refresh
•-> Rapid results for digestion, elimination*
•-> Natural weight loss to look great naked!*
•-> Relief from occasional constipation, gas and bloating*
•-> Improved health and appearance inside and out*
•-> Better absorption of nutrients*
•-> Increased energy, mental alertness*
*Superior Formula:
~> Safe, Effective
~> Gentle, Non-Irritating
Made in USA - GMP Certified
Purify Your Body - Boost Energy - Lose Weight Naturally - Guaranteed

You will really enjoy the benefits of being detox and the natural ingredients as well.

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