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SambaMD Back Relief Wheelchair Cushion

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

SambaMD Back Relief Wheelchair Cushion

Thanks to the BodyRyzm LifeSciences/Perspectis company for the chance to test this SambaMD Back Relief Wheelchair Cushion and also for the extra pillow for the back known as the Qi Pillow.

The SambaMD cushion is 16"(depth) x 18"(width) x 2.5"-4" (adjustable thickness) in size and comes in one color, which is black. This size is perfect for all foldable wheel chairs as I can tell from the one I have for my grandma. If your like me and have a grandparent who can't stand too long or even a parent at home who might of had surgery, this could help them out alot.

My grandma is 74 years old and has been through many surgeries and even tho she can walk, its still a bit
difficult for her.  Her one knee surgery has left her carrying more weight at every step making it difficult for her to want to stand or walk for a long time. Plus her back which also has her in pain makes it even worse. So now she either prefers to be wheeled around in the store or she just doesn't go. We tell her she needs to get out more, but she just can't stand for the pain that she gets for walking around all that time.

So I am happy to get to explain how well this pillow cushion, the SambaMd has worked for her. First we set up her wheel chair in the living room and placed the SambaMD cushion right on the back portion of the wheel chair, just as it came in. However, you have the option to adjust the thickness to your liking, but we didn't think it need to be much thicker then it was. My mom and I told her to get on the chair as we had the cushion put on for her to sit on. Now I told her to just sit up as you normally do and I'll wheel you around the room. Also I mentioned to her to tell me if she felt any odd discomfort while I'm wheeling her as well.

Within the 5 minutes I wheeled her, then I let her sit in the chair for another 5 she had felt no pain or problems what so ever. In her own words, she told me it felt like she was sitting on the couch. To me that was a big plus. I was glad that she had no issues with it and felt very comfortable. She actually told me if she was to use this when she went out shopping she would go out more often then she does no.

I loved to hear she was happy and was proud this product didn't leave her feeling discomfort or any pain she gets for just sitting in the wheel chair with no pillow or those cheap cushions. So for her to feel happy, makes me feel even better to know that she can be sitting in comfort and not go through any pain as she does every time she shops.

I would like to also add in we took her through another test with the extra pillow they allowed me to sample as well it was a nice sage color and very soft. I placed it in the back of her while she sat in the chair up right. She felt like she was most definitely on a sofa other then a wheel chair. Her words, " I feel like I'm sitting on the sofa and I wouldn't even notice a difference".  Success is all I can say. It makes me happy to hear her happy.

Finally, I would share this news for anyone who has a parent, grandparent or a friend who needs a great cushion for their wheel chair, that would keep them from being in pain and keep them away from buying those ones you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond for 20 bucks.

Here is some information from the company as well.

Product Description

According to American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 30% American adults are afflicted by back pain. Wheelchair users are often among those who suffer from back pain, because sitting is a leading cause for back pain, second only to heavy weight lifting, according to Workers Safety and Insurance Board.

Our body is not built to remain still for prolonged periods. As soon as we sit still for twenty minutes, the deep stabilizing muscles in our lower back will begin to tense up, which often leads to stiffness, pain and fatigue in the lower back. Furthermore, physical inactivity of sitting has been linked with many health issues including poor equilibrium, obesity, cardio vascular disease, even cancer and premature death.

We all know the importance of physical activity to our body. However, all traditional wheelchair cushions, including higher end ROHO and Jay cushions, have been primarily designed for users who have lost their core stability. They do not accommodate the wheelchair users’ need to move while sitting in wheelchairs, often proven to be sub-optimal in sitting comfort to the majority of wheelchair users who do have core stability and who’s body need to avoid physical inactivity during prolonged sitting.

To improve sitting comfort and prevent back stiffness, pain and fatigue, wheelchair users must prevent their deep stabilizing muscles from tensing. Their wheelchair cushions must be able to accommodate their body's need to move.

If your back can’t stop fidgeting while sitting, your back is telling you that it is not getting the right seating device it needs, it needs to move and it needs a dynamic seat that can move with them and even encourage them to move during prolonged sitting.

SambaMD™ adjustable skin protection E2622 wheelchair cushion has been especially designed to provide the dynamic seating for those wheelchair users who want to prevent their deep stabilizing muscles from tensing and want to reduce or prevent back pain. Most wheelchair users who have tried SambaMD™ cushion have found SambaMD™ cushion far more comfortable than other high-end wheelchair cushions that are in the $300 to $700 price range.

SambaMD™ wheelchair cushion has been proven for reimbursement or $300 - $310 under E2622 by Medicaid and Medicare.

It is not only proven to help wheelchair users reduce and prevent back stiffness, pain and fatigue, it also helps wheelchair users relieve pressure/pain on coccyx and hemorrhoid or prostate while sitting.

With SambaMD™, you literally get double performance over traditional higher-end wheelchair cushions.

You can get these items here:

The SambaMD E2622 cushion:



The perfect companion to the cusion is The Qi Pillow Relieving ORthopedic Support. Its as soft and great for chairs and on a bed. Helps maintain the lumbar curvature and keeps pain and stiffness away. You can purchase this as well here in camel, tan or sage:



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