Tuesday, January 14

Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set

 Green Earth Food Storage Container Set
 BPA-Fee 8-Piece Nesting Set with Vacuum Seal and Locking Lids.

Thanks to the Ozeri company for these wonderful Instavac Food Storage Container Set.

These Instavac Food Storage Containers are perfect for a simple storage of your foods without keeping in air, which will cause for fast molding, bacteria growth, and aging of your produce, grains,
veggies, dairy, treats, and so much more.  Ever see those containers you need a pump to take the air out, or a whole special sealing system to keep it out well with these wonderful containers you won't have to
pull out anything to keep the air out. You just place it in the container and simply press down on the center of the lid, super easy right!

So now that 2014 is here and your trying to eat healthy or maybe you eat healthy all the time, well this will help you on your way. store those veggies and fruits from getting moldy and able to take with you.
Lets say your going out to a sports game, either for a major league team or your son or daughters game. Though you don't want to have to rely on unhealthy treats or have to buy proportioned snacks for the family. You could easily
pick up one of the Instavac Storage Containers and put in fresh foods like grapes, sandwiches, whole grain crackers, and a bunch more healthy choices.

These are the best thing to get for a healthy start for you. These containers will not only keep your food bacteria free and last longer, but you'll also have the ability to microwave them with a splatter/bursting proof valve, wave bottom on the containers to prevent juices or waters to cause the cut veggies to sog or get moldy, A handy date dial allowing you to easily see what date you had just put the food into the container, and last its BPA free, stain resistant and shatter proof plus transparent.

Now those are some great reasons to use this product. Plus it'll save you so much, because of the re usability of the product and the stain resistant quality you will enjoy this so much that it'll replace all of your old containers.

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