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Why You Drink And How To Stop

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Why You Drink And How To Stop
A Self help book on alcoholism and addiction
by Veronica Valli

Veronica Valli is an addictions therapist and recovered alcoholic. I would like to first thank her for allowing me to review this terrific book about alcoholism and addiction.

Why You Drink And How To Stop is a book that explains in detail with true life stories about drinking and how it affects you and everyone around you. Alcoholism is a horrible disease that can become deadly. In this book Veronica mentions that their are three different parts connecting to this disease. The three main forms of are physical, psychological, and spiritual. Many of us don't really understand what makes one drink, or can tell exactly what type of drinker they are. Therefore, this book will help you understand and get all the information you need to figure out whats going on, because this can affect your entire family, your friends, or relationships. However, if there seems to be some feeling of change in behavior, maybe more drinking during a party or wild acts, then its probably time to sit down with this person and find out whats going on.

I can tell by experience that my Uncle is very much a heavy drinker. He'll come home yelling and screaming about all different things. However, he never realizes who he is hurting or scaring while in this rage and drunken state. I was curious about this book because I know how hard it can be and you see those television shows that have families in tears or just scared to be home with that type of person. I once knew a friend of the families who for the first time I met, and only seen him as this super kind person. Unfortunately, he was also a heavy drinker, and always drunk. I believe that was the only known issue he had was his drinking. Even tho he was the sweetest person, he still seemed to be unstable. You could smell the alcohol on his breath and he drank heavily, every day and anytime of the day.

After a few months, my Aunt actually got a call from a friend stating that he had passed away. The cause was clear, since he had been drinking that night more then his usual amount. Its hard to type this because it brings tears into my eyes, I just can't believe how a kind person he was and how he just let his life slip away. I wish I knew him better and could of helped, but I still do pray and hold a phantoms sweat jacket that he got me that night at the hockey game, when I first met him.

So, Veronica I thank you for bringing a book like this and informing us about everything we need to know and understand about this type of disease. Sometimes, its hard to think that drinking can be a disease. Maybe to the non drinkers, we believe that couldn't they just stop or replace it with a different beverage. Then again, it could be said for smokers gamblers, and other illnesses that are done to extent.

If you feel you may have someone you know and want to understand what they are going through and how you can help then this would be a great book for you. Not only will it help you understand the steps to recovery, but it will give you guidance to how the disease starts and develops.

Product Description
 Why some people drink destructively has puzzled many people for a long time. Why do you wake up promising yourself you will never do it again, but doing it over and over? Or why does your loved one continue to self-destruct, even if they promise to stop? If you are a problem drinker or love someone who is – then this book is for you.

Written by an addictions therapist and recovered alcoholic, Why You Drink and How to Stop peers into the darkness of alcoholism and lays out the reasons that alcoholics drink the way they do.

Based on her years of experience working with addicts and alcoholics and her own personal struggle with alcoholism, Veronica explores how alcoholics think, feel and react differently to the world, and shows how these are the engines that drive someone to destructive drinking.

In three comprehensive sections she explores how alcoholism is the symptom of a spiritual illness, and then goes on to lay out the solution.

This book is a must for anyone who has despaired over their own or anyone else’s drinking.

You will read this book with a growing clarity that leads to hope. You will put it down knowing there is a solution. You can purchase the kindle version or the paper book here on amazon:

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