Sunday, December 22

Tia's Beauty Dealz and Stealz

Tia's Beauty Dealz and Stealz

Are you a girl who enjoys beauty, loves to dress to impress, or just searching for that perfect color? 

Well I'm here to tell you there is a new shop that just open up.  
 Thanks to this wonderful shop on eBay, known as Tia's Beauty Dealz and Stealz will be bringing to the public great deals on all brand name beauty products.

No more overpaying for your favorite facial and skin products such as blush, eye shadows, facial wash, skin lotions, or nail polishes and these are just a few of the items she has on her page for sale. When you shop on her site you'll be paying 25%, 30% or even half the price you would for those great products, such as Olay or Neutrogena. Many of the products you will be able to get are known name brands such as Covergirl, NYC, Wet and wild, Elf, and a whole bunch more.  However, if its not posted yet don't worry check back tomorrow or any time you want new things are always being added. 

 So stop paying retail prices and jump in joy for great deals that are close to a steal. I know I would, its not every day you can buy some eyeshadow and still have enough to buy that extra special thing you always wanted or for another.  

Her site can be found here:

Get them before they're gone, because with these prices they won't last long!

Thank You

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