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New Zeepo Strapless Sleep Mask with Dream Essence Sleep Serum Review + Giveaway ends 01/09/2014

New Zeepo Strapless Sleep Mask with Dream Essence Sleep Serum Review + Giveaway


 Thanks to Dream Essentials and Mark Powell for these two products to review

Today I have two new products to review.  The first one is the Strapless Sleep Mask and the Sleep SerumThe two work together in helping you have a wonderful nights sleep or just a simple rest during the day. Many people such as I, have issues with sleeping. I can't sleep for nothing if there's bright sunlight in the room, TV's on, or just if there is any type of noise or odd smell.  My brain is on all the time, so when I finally fall asleep the one thing I have a problem with is after waking to switch sides in bed, I start to think and all those issues are like first things I notice. Finally, I tell myself just to get up and maybe nap later, which never happens.

The mask is called the Zeepo Sleep Mask, meant to keep you from having light out of your face you, while you try to rest. Maybe even a great way to keep TV light out while you have the sound on, sometimes people fall asleep to noise while the light can be bothersome. Dream Essentials wanted to make your night sleep a whole lot better, by producing something that will keep all those annoying lights out of your face. Also, they wanted to

make something to keep it strapless as well. No more and that wraps tight around your face, which can also be painful or annoying. Reason being, a mask with strap can get stuck in your hair, can feel tight around your head, and just not comfortable for sleeping in while you move. I should know I own like two of them and each time I wear them I just decide to take them off and deal with the light, while hoping to fall asleep after an hour or two.

So here is how this strapless Zeepo Sleep Mask works. They left me a page of directions, only one sided. Not a hard bunch of things you need to know, just a simple setup before using the mask. First, you must apply the strips that you will get with your mask to the blue side of the mask. Next place on your face and if it comes loose or light is coming in just squeeze the bridge of your nose to seal it up again. Yup, that's it, nothing easier than that. Now the strips you get, your allowed to use as many as you may need for it to hold to your face, and they only last one day or more depending on your face. One thing to also know is when I tried the mask with the strips, there was no pulling or strange sticky feeling. I just felt the softness of the mask, not even any tight pull either from it being snug to my eyes.  I absolutely was surprised how comfortable it was. In some way, I felt that the strips acted like tape and would pull or be painful and detectable on the face. However, they were not and all I felt
was pure comfort.

Now lets talk about the second item. This product by Dream Essentials is a Sleep Serum. The serum is meant to add a scent to help calm relax and make you fall asleep easier. The serum comes in a small tube and can be added to the temples of your face. I first opened the tube and was like wow my brain right away went in relax mode. I could of just went to bed with that scent, I mean I'm a big lavender in the bedroom girl but honestly that smell of almost earthy scents sort of just was a change for me. I must been thinking lavander was the only plant to help with sleep, but now I'll be buying into a new mix because it is time for a change. 

 So put the two together and you have a super power mask that will help you sleep better then you ever slept before. 

Here's companies description below

Product Description
Dream Essence Sleep Serum- Simple dab a small amount on your temples, behind your ears and one spot on the back of your neck and let the essential oils do their magic.  The aroma and your bodies absorption of the essentials oil mix is designed to relax you and help you fall into a deep sleep.

Zeepo Mask- The sleep mask that gently binds to your face with FDA-approved, double-sided, adhesive strips which are medical grade hypo-allergenic and latex free. Includes 2 sheets of disposable adhesive (36 strips) enough for 18 nights of sleep.
-Light-weight, ergonomic design
-100% light blocking for effective sleep and relaxation
-Ultra comfortable using natural cotton for sensitive facial skin

Check them out on these two pages: 


Before I end I think its time for a GIVEAWAY. You have a chance to win the Zeepo Mask and the Serum for a great nights sleep by Dream Essentials. Just as in the pictures.

All you need to do is leave your email and a comment to why you would love to win this prize.

Ends 01/09/2014

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