Monday, December 23


MAGIC WORDS - THE ISLAND OF RESPECT (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH - Island Adventures 4: Educational Children's Book Collection)

Thank you Suzy Liebermann for another great children's book, with the happy little starfish Hugo.

This book is one of Suzy's best books to read with your little ones. She has so many great ones with Hugo the happy starfish. The book I read today is called, Magic Words The Island Of Respect. In this lovely tale, Hugo was awaiting impatiently on the arrival of his friends the Queen also known as Charisma and Gogo. However, the rudeness of Hugo tapping his foot  made them want to ignore him.  So they decide to set him on a journey by himself to an island located on the map, where treasure would be found. 

Unfortunately, Hugo is treated badly n this island because he didn't show any respect to any of the creatures that lived there. So they would in return give him the same disrespect that he gave them.  Hugo couldn't understand why they wouldn't respect him, and he just decided to continue on his journey to find the treasure. He finally gets to the treasure box and with him believing it would be full of cash he was shocked to see only words. Now these words were meaningful, they all had to do with respect. Words like Thank You, and Please.  Finally, Hugo realized that with these words he was able to get what ever he needed just by respecting others on the island, also known as the Island of respect.

I really think this is a great book for teaching small children how to respect everyone they meet. You can go so much further in life with respecting others because no one wants to be disrespected.

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