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Caramel Matcha Green Tea Powder

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Caramel Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

Thanks to the Redleaf Tea company for the product to review.

Today's product for review is a delicious, energy boosting Matcha Green Tea. However, this isn't your typical green tea instead its more of a delightful treat. This green tea is flavored with Caramel, oo la la.  I love me some warm delicious tea but when it comes to caramel, I melt. 

If you never heard of Matcha then I'll be glad to tell you its not like a normal tea, instead its a rich and super fine grounded bunch of tea leaves that form a powder. The uses of this can be for dyes of different types of foods or adding to different desserts, drinks, and anything you prefer to have it in or on.
Mainly used by the Japanese in their recipes.

However, today's product is EXTRA special. It's A mix of a green tea powder, Matcha with the sweet and sticky candy, caramel.  Though, it has no fake sugars, no added MSG, or Preservatives or even colors. This product is all natural and good for you as well
 The sample I received was a small package in nice gold little bag, attached with a piece of paper explaining a few ways to prepare this tea. I decided to take it a little further since I'm a use to the Matcha green tea, but never tried a flavor variety. Therefore, I took the bag of Caramel Matcha, a blender, a few ice cubes, a quarter cup of heavy cream, a half cup of water, and a little bit of cocoa
powder and splenda.  I then placed it all together and blended it up, till it was nice and frothy. 

Finally, I took it and poured it into my favorite Pepsi glass with a straw.
The taste was delicious, and you get the chocolate caramel flavor which was yummy and the creamy rich heavy cream, it was like drinking chocolate Carmel ice cream. I have a big sweet tooth, as you can see, and making this into a sweet treat shake was divine.  However, I was trying to keep it low carb while indulging in a sweet treat. Unfortunately, my creation did not give any green tea flavor, but you really don't need the green tea taste, since its the antioxidant and health properties that you really want from it.  On other occasions I do just prepare it as normal tea or in any other cooking recipes as well.

I think from the taste and sweetness, its a perfect ratio. So maybe you have a person at home who doesn't really drink green tea, or Matcha. Then maybe you can create something tasty just like this, something with a mix of flavors that mask over the taste of Matcha green tea. You could also look into the many flavors Redleaf tea provides like eggnog, vanilla, fruit types, and a bunch more. I'm sure in one way you will fall in love with green Matcha and get that energy boost, that weight loss, or the many more benefits that you get from Matcha Green Tea.

Here is a few details of the product by the creators:
Product Description
For those with an unrepentant and unwavering sweet tooth, there is no better tea than sweet caramel matcha. This fine tea blends the eastern traditions of matcha with the modern caramel flavor to brew a delectable tea that is sweet to take as a mid-morning snack, before lunch aperitif or after dinner relaxing drink. The toned-down caramel matcha is ideal for those who need a sweet tea without adding any extra sugar.
Caramel matcha is the perfect tea for many social occasions where people need to sample a great tasting herbal tea that lends its sweet taste to the palate. It can be  taken with or without snacks because it is the ideal stand-alone tea snack. Caramel matcha brings people together who appreciate its light, buoyant, lingering taste on the palate.
It is the perfect family tea for all members of the family irrespective of their advanced age. Young adventurous kids would identify with its sweet and easy-to-drink flavor. The adults would finds its ability to bring its full-bodied appeal in night time get-togethers, very useful. This is because, caramel matcha is the drink for all seasons and can be used to bring people together in both winter and summer.
We offer special size 10g of naturally flavored green tea powder ($10 value). Enough to make 5 drinks.
4 calories per serving.

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