Friday, November 8


The New Answers Book 4
by Ken Ham

Over 30 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible

Thank you New Leaf Publishing Group for this wonderful book.

Today I received a book that is part of a whole line of answer books. This one is number 4 of the series. If you don't know what these books are about, they are to explain questions based on the bible and answer those skeptics that believe evolution verse God was the reason for the world.

Absolutely, this book is incredible. I would suggest purchasing this to get your brain around those hard answered questions. Many believe that science is the answer to the creation of the world and how it evolved, while others have faith that the bible is the true result on how the world was created.

So see for your self and get those questions answered.

The book itself has 30 most important questions that everyone usually wonders about. However, the wondering can be put to rest thanks to Ken Ham and his detailed description of how and why this is the possible answer to that certain question.

You may purchase it here:

Thank you
God Bless