Thursday, November 14

The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life: book review

The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life
Rick Warren (Author), Daniel Amen (Author), Mark Hyman (Author)

Another great book, thank you booksneeze for allowing me to review its book

This book is a terrific plan to help you relying on God's instruction for living. An all natural
healthy and wonderful plan that is ment to change your faith, foucus, fitness, and the way you look at food. The book also mentions how its best to work in pairs, because
two is always better then one. When you have a partner, you have a helper to keep you on track.

I always felt when I started on a work out routine having even my doggy's become a work out buddy helped. They made me focus on running faster and staying strong and keeping to it day by day, since they also
loved the fresh air and going out. Soon it became a habit to keep them from crying to go out at the same time and keep me in shape.
So I do agree when you have a friend or even a pet to help you stay motivated, it does become easier. 

Another way to be motivated is to have a partner online who you may talk to on times of feeling like jumping over boat and eating a bowl of icecream, cookies, chips or anything else.  Its always great
to have someone to count on to help you stay on track. This book was ment to help transform you and it will! You just need to trust the plan and trust God for his guidance. Once you have a set goal, and change your behavior with food then you can find yourself
losing those inches or even if its not weight loss your goal, but just getting healthy then you can get there too with this book as well.

If interested you can purchase it here:

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