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The Brandful Workforce
How Employees Can Make, Not Break Your Brand

By, Julia Gometz

Before I begin, I First want to thank Julia Gometz and The Brandful Workforce for her wonderful book for me to review.

This book is full of creative and beneficial information to help guide you on building up and not bringing down your business. The Brandful Workforce is one book that won't only be that typcial reading guide, instead its a interactive book that will guide you with images, links, and a bunch of other helpful maps to get you started or keep your business blooming.

You will find out that in this book there are maps to success. How to drive your business up then into the ground. How she explains it, is broken up in chapters. Making it very easy to grasp and use in your business developments.

The part I took out of this book and found very resourceful was the way I would think to see my product being different towards another. If you don't understand, let me explain. You know how Pepsi is a soda company and you see it advertised all over. Then you have Coca cola, another soda company. As they try to out do each other, they always have a game plan to make their known brand stand out to the public. Instead of making it flop so that no one would buy it, they just develop new ways to promote their brands.

I always remember Coca cola as a holiday drink with the polar bears. As you can tell they always kept to that, while building it to a more cuter and adorable commercial to promote the product.  In away, from just that chapter in the book I learned I could have a similar product, but build it up to be a better in a different way. Another great use of this book is the checklists. Not only do they help you make sure your covering every specific part that is needed in your company, but you can see if you missed something that may be needed to develop a great brand.

I found the book to be very beneficial, and enjoyable to read. Not only is is your typical guide, but it brings to site what you need to have done to begin or to keep your brand going. Somethings many companies miss and wonder why they start to have a decline in success and consumers buying their products.

Here is some of the information about the book by The Brandful Workforce:

Book Description:
A Brandful Workforce is a workforce that works FOR your brand, not against it. This book is a practical “How-to” guide for organizations who genuinely want an authentic brand, both inside and out. Companies need to engage more than their customers in evolving their brands. The workforce is the missing link to, not just -successful branding – but success period.

Even if you have a Brandful Workforce, this book can show how to keep it that way. In addition, find out how to attract Brandful employees and how you and your employees can become Brandful. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Brandful Workforce is not your ordinary business book. This may be the first interactive business book that’s packed with links to videos and ongoing discussions.  You can also purchase an online version so you can get the most out of this book. Join the discussion at

The Brandful Workforce is for every kind of organization — private, public, nonprofit, large or small — in every industry. This is a “must-read” for CEOs and leaders in marketing, branding, advertising, corporate communications, social media, strategy, innovation, digital, corporate social responsibility, and human resources. It’s also relevant to any employee who wants a meaningful work experience.

Julia Gometz is a former Wall Street mediator and human resources executive at JetBlue Airways. She has collaborated with colleagues at Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations. Gometz is multilingual and an accomplished international speaker. She received an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Emory University and a master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University.

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