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Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder, Stainless Steel

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder, Stainless Steel

by Ozeri
Thanks to Ozeri for this product to review, a perfect grinder for every cook.
 Today, I recieved my Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder from the UPS. I open the boxed and took a look at the entire gadget. The few things I've notice right away were :
  1. The product is a terrifically easy to turn  the knob on top, nice for the entire hand to hold on to and turn.
  2. To get the salt side to grind you twist the knob left, and to get the pepper you twist the knob right.
  3. the little gadget becomes its own funnel to pour in each section the salt and pepper.
  4. the color and style is very welcoming to any home. 

Now for the use, I started by taking it apart to figure which area you place the salt and pepper in adn how to open it to allow the salt or pepper out of the grinder.  At first was a little confused, but after a little reading of the directions I figured it out.  The top opens up allowing you to refill the grinder. However, you must remember to take the bottom lid off and place backwards on the top as well making it easy to refill with out the mess. Deffinitly take a slow time pouring because like with any

funnel you know too much solid pieces will get blocked up and cause a spill over.

After you have one side filled then you move the lid open to allow the other spice in to the grinder. I wouldn't fill it too high but just enough to leave 1/4 of free space on each side.  One big help is the directions and the photos, it really will make this an easy set up process, but once you fill the gridner you can just go and have fun.

I tried using pink Himalayan sea salt and some mixed peppercorns. They both worked out perfectly added to my creamy macaroni and cheese and for breakfast added some pepper and salt to my scrambled eggs.  I also allowed my mom to take it for a test drive. After, her first use I could tell from her facial expression, she was just impressed. She even told me that the one she had in the closet is a pain to twist and this didn't take much force what so ever. I must say Ozeri out done themselves again. Wonderful grinder, and a great gift to your favorite cook for the holidays.

 Here is a few things that this wonderful grinder does for you:

  • Durable eco-friendly ceramic mechanism easily grinds peppercorns, salt and spices
  • Seasons accurately with dual adjustable ceramic grinding mechanisms for salt and pepper that adjusts from fine to coarse
  • Features an elegant stainless-steel exterior with an ergonomic non-slip grip
  • Uniquely designed easy-refill system prevent spillage
  • Transparent container makes monitoring pepper level easy and reveals the grinding action; Satisfaction Guaranteed
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 I believe in a healthy lifestyle and I want the best for my family and friends. So with good products that hit the market just like the items Ozeri brings to us, I find it best to spread the word to everyone. They not only care about our health but they are trying to make our lives easier as well. Sometimes being healthy can be a problem and many find it a bit hard. Most part of being healthy is trying to cook more often, using healthier ingredients, and keeping physically active.

If you want to enjoy years to come, and live a long healthy pain free life then look into getting products by Ozeri. All the items they bring to the comsumer is only here to help and keep us on the right path.

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