Wednesday, November 20

Ozeri Digital Bath Scale

Ozeri Digital Bath Scale
Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial

Thank you Ozeri for this super awesome scale!

This product is excellent, and will replace those old modern scales. This is like top notch!
If your trying to find your correct weight in either kgs or lbs, or want something to present you with easy to reading of your weight.. I mean I always had an issue where my scale would show this number and its not digital just one those regurlar non electronic types that the cursor moves when you step on the cursor.. Its like hard to even tell where the cursor lies between the two numbers. Almost like looking at a wall clock and trying to figure out the second hand.

However that can all be cleared up with this wonder product by Ozeri. You don't even have to worry about tapping the scale to turn it on like some electronic scales. I knew of my Aunts when growing up she had one and it was a pain to figure it out. You had to tap it then wait till says 00 and then step on, but not so simple as it sounds. It would read error if you gone on too fast and didn't really tell a correct weight cause of placement means everything as well.

I have no doubt this product will prove all your old scales to be useless! I mean I took a few tests using this scale. First, I tried it out in the morning, which I normally check my weight and then notice that The product went on right when I stepped on to it. I had it set to lbs and was shocked how simple it was to use and how nice the product is. Not wimpy or easy to break. Its very durable and has a tempered glass that is hard to break. The 4 high precisions GX sensors will keep your weight right on as well.

The Scale's Perks:
  • weigh up to 400lbs
  • alarm you to measure your weightat the same time
  • electro-mechanical dial points to weight in lbs and kg
  • digital LCD display between lbs and kgs
  • convenient unit button to display lbs or kgs 

I would even suggest this as  a great gift to your friends or family members who are health conscious. It would make for such a nice gift. :)
So come check this wonderful product out! Below is the site where you can purchase it and learn more by many like I who found this to be the best scale out there. Great 2013 buy In my opinion. :)

Can be bought here when its comes available:

Ozeri is also known for so much great products, and upgraded technology. They are going up and above with health and home products. So please check their site out as well and find that special product your in need of. Finally, leave you with this if you want to the best then Ozeri is the one for you because everything they make is the tools you need for accuracy and success.

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