Tuesday, November 12



A great big THANK YOU to Ozeri for another wonderful product. 

In the past, I did a review on their terrific new blood pressure monitor. So for today they have allowed me to review this new 4x Runner Digital Pedometer.  Its got more then those typical pedometers. Some of them just tell you calories and steps taken, without the choices of jogging mode, Distance, speed, exercise time, and fat burned.. You heard me FAT BURNED!! 
I couldn't believe it myself because I never heard of a pedometer with an actual Fat burned counter. I know that calorie counting is a normal for many exercise equipments, and for this nice pocket size pedometer you get a fat burned counter included with the list of records.

This pedometer is in a lovely bright blue with a back clip holder that it snaps right into and can be places on your pants for easy calculating of steps.  There's also an additional lanyard clip included in the bag and comes with the lithium Battery for instant use.

If your that new/beginner runner, walker, or jogger then I'd advise you to pick one of these up and record you numbers. You can find out how much your really burning or how much steps you took for the time it took you to do 5miles. This gadget will help you get those 10,000 steps in, and if your not interested for the counting of steps or how much you burned, then many you want this to find out how long you need to take to work off that jelly donuts or thanksgiving dinner. Since it has the calories and fat burned you will finally be able to see yourself burn off actual weight.

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