Wednesday, November 20

MERLIN'S BLADE: By Robert Treskillard

By Robert Treskillard

Thanks to BookSneeze for this copy to review. :)

A wonderful book about the adventures of Arthur and young Merlin. How they go through life filled with challenges. It reminds me of the TV show Merlin. I loved how Merlin was
his friend even tho he wasn't same rank as Arthur, but they are always together and Merlin helps when ever possible. Merlin is a wizard and he has been watching over Prince Arthur and making sure
he is able to fulfill his future. This is exact tale is one of many in the collection.

Merlin and Arthur is together to retrieve the sword, and face many different obstacles as well.
This book will keep you up all night if you read it before bed. Its just that good! You will not want to put it down
after you started reading.

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