Thursday, November 21

High Quality Nylon Nut Milk Bag + Giveaway


Thanks to the Zitmal company and Shandali for the nut milk bag for this review.

Today I was able to review a nice and wonderful nut milk bag. Great for making your own and its always best to make something homemade, since it won't contain all those preservatives or the extra unwanted ingredients.  Nut milk is very nutritious and healthy for you and your kids. Not only is it full of vitamins but it will be a perfect substitute for those who can't tolerate cows milk or even those who don't really enjoy soy milk. I really don't mind to much for the store products because they do contain so much salt, or the flavor is mainly masked by sugars.

I also have myself a bit of lactose intolerance and can't really handle dairy. So normally I find myself either choosing soy milk or almond milk. Not big fan of rice milk, taste a bit off for me. However, you can use this bag to make any type of nut milk not just almond like as many would use it for.  How about cashew milk or even hazelnut. 

As you can see in the pictures I've opened the bag that it came in and its a nice silky nylon bag that has many tiny holes for draining your liquids and straining the whole nuts out.  

The bag is reusable and has a nice draw string on the top. The best part of the bag is that you can really have that smooth creamy nutty milk without those large pieces of nuts that may get through as you squeeze and strain the bag. Some use the cheese cloth alternative, and that's fine but not always great. Sometimes with a cheese cloth you get those pieces I guess you would call it pulp floating in your liquid and not something you want if your looking into a smooth and creamy liquid.

So if your looking to make your very own nut milk and make it to your liking, this would be the bag for you. 
  1. reusable
  2. easy pull string for hanging
  3. no more cheese cloth buying
  4. high quality food grade product 
  5. Rated #1
This could be perfect for the chef who enjoys vegetarian or vegan food, and any other who just loves to make healthy milk for the entire family.  It really is a great bag, highly rated by many and I would as well consider it a 5star purchase. :)
Here is a the site where you can purchase this awesome nut bag:


You can also check out the great information about this product on the site as well. 


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