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Cook Cheap and Easy Meals
With Dried or Canned Beans

By: Rhiana Jones

Thanks to  Rhiana Jones for the wonderful book on many different uses for beans.

Beans are like super healthy and nutritious for you to enjoy. Can be a great protein alternative, used in many ethnic meals. Beans are wonderfull, filled with fiber, protein, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals, and low fat.  My favorite bean, which I wish I could make in every bean dish would be chickpeas or also known as gabanzo beans. They normally use it in hummus, but I actually never had hummus just heard it wasn't that tasty. I dobut It be awful, since I'm coocoo for chickpeas. The taste actually is so yummy, that I wouldn't mind eating them over meat.

I love how this book inspires so many ways to use beans, rather then what we typically may do with them. Some suggestions of a typical bean dish is chili, baked beans,  beans and rice, and bunch of simple ones we already know. However, this book will give you so much more ideas on making a tasty dish using beans. Something we wouldn't of thought of to use with beans.

here are a few examples for meals and desserts: 

Pork and Bean Cake
Used in Tacos
In Lasagna
and a bunch more

I did attempt a different use for beans as a desert dish. Being creative and taking on a different challenge. I used black soy beans, also could just use regular black beans, but wanted to make a low carb version of brownies. So I took black soy beans canned, and tossed them into a blender. Allowed them to get well blended till they were mush. Next, I took cocoa powder about 3-4 tablespoons worth and sugar substitute, I used I blended the mixture up again with the addition of water to make it smooth while mixing not too much just enough tho, and then added to a baking pan... by the way you can add some oil, but I wanted to keep it a bit lower calorie as well as low carb. When I cooked it, which will take longer then normal mix if you have much liquid added to the batter, but after I gave it time it came out as a delicious tray of brownies and my family was shocked how good they smelt and taste. No resembalance of beans what so ever, and no taste of them either.

So to point this one fact out as well, beans will help you save more money at the supermarket. You can option in beans for a meal that you would normally do with meat or half the meat and add beans to fill it out. If you get the ones that are not canned with salt, you will be saving even more. I use to buy kidney beans in the bag, not prepared. Then would take a big plastic container or pot and fill it with water and add the beans in. What you see in the bag is probably a small amount of beans, but be AMAZED. Once they sit overnight and soak up some water they end up filling the container double to tripple then what they started as. Almost like taking a balloon and blowing it up.

Here is a description by the author:
Product Description
Pinto beans, garbanzo, lentils and black, beans of all types are a frugal and nutritious ingredient for any dish.

Beans are low in fat, high in protein and vitamin C. They give you a great big nutritional bang for a little tiny monetary buck. They're also packed with fiber which helps you keep a healthy digestive track.

Unfortunately, they can also sometimes be a little boring. Check out Cooking with Beans for some easy, frugal and very tasty recipes to take the boring out of beans. These family friendly meals will also turn your kids onto the goodness of beans.

You can find the book on amazon in kindle version right here: 

How about this what is your favorite bean and what meal do you eat often filled with beans?

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