Wednesday, November 20

Bedtime Prayers That End with a Hug!

Bedtime Prayers That End with a Hug!
by Stephen Elkins

Thanks to Tyndale Publishing for this copy to review. :)

This is an adorable, and colorful book. It is so cute with the beautiful pictures as well.  The book is all about turning bedtime into
a calm and and soothing time to let God in, and get the warm affection and acceptance from the benefit of a hug.  Its a very heartwarming book and includes 52
easy to understand snuggle time moments based on the Bible themes, along with the illustrations, and simple lessons to help children apple the Bible to daily life.
Each story gives the parents a chance to share a great big hug with your child.

This book is in a wonderful hardcover, and the image is so calming and relaxing with the night sky and children hugging. It makes you feel that this book is about
relaxing and sharing love through a hug. I loved the story and the pictures, my daughter did as well. If you have kids and would love to share a book that may help
them understand the bible as well as showing your love through a hug, then this would be it.

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