Tuesday, November 26


AhaiShopping Clothing Review

The wonderful people at AhaiSopping.com has the most wonderful clothing you can buy. Its always up to date and has a style for everyone.  I really must thank them for allowing me to review their clothing and accessories.

Today I have received my wonderful clothes at the post office. The gorgeous clothing is the Korean lace waist dress and the Fake nail ring

 I first will like to talk about the Korean lace waist dress, and how miraculous it was to have on.  When I had just put it on, I notice the feel of the silky feeling and how smooth and beautifully detailed it was. The lace top and the flowing, twirling bottom makes for a wonderful casual dress, fun flirty dress to dance in, or a beautiful summer dress.  

The back is an eye-catcher for anyone you pass. The fit was perfect, in every part of the dress. I felt like a princess, and It didn't have to be an expense to buy this dress. Non of the products on the site is ever expensive and you can keep with the updated style and look like a million bucks. If you happen to see your friends and anyone you may know, this dress will make them stand their stunned. It would make them feel ask, "Where did you get that dress, you look gorgeous".  Now who wouldn't want that to happen to them. Plus it will attract more male attention as well.

To buy this wonderful Korean lace waist dress check it out at this site. You'll love the sale price they have and the wonderful free shipping all over the world.

Comes in sizes: S, M, L, & XL
Right now the price is:  $10.99 
A regular $31.99 dress

Once you put it on you'll never want to take it off!

Now the next product is a FAKE NAIL RING. A wonderful bronze colored nail, wrapping around the finger with a snake design.  The feel of it is smooth, and fits perfectly. It will be a great accessory to place with many different looks. One of the in style products of today. Leaves you looking a little bit cleopatra sexy and a bit like a punky tough woman as well.

Can be purchased here: http://www.ahaishopping.com/goods.php?id=4519

All these products were fabulous and I want to tell you that these prices can't be beat. Your not only gonna be looking like you spent 100s of dollars on everything, but you will be saving more then going out to the store and buying a similar outfit.

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Also remember they have excellent holiday deals as well. Half off jewelry and buy one get one, plus always FREE SHIPPING!

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