Thursday, November 14

A PERFECT PET FOR PEYTON : By Rick Osborne & Gary Chapman

A Perfect Pet for Peyton

by Rick Osborne & Gary Chapman

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Thanks to Moody Publication for the copy to have and review.

This is a great story for kids. Has a wonderful and bright view of the family and childrenin each page. The pictures really tell the story, and the facial expressions are excellent. You will learn how Love is found in 5 different languages.

The story is about a bunch of kids going out to Mr. Chapman's Perfect Pet Pal Emporium with Peyton and his twin sister, Penny's.
Since it was the twins birthday they wanted to spend the time at the Pet Pal Emporium with their friends because it is like a zoo in a museum. With all the cute adorable animals and fun the kids had. Peyton was still having trouble finding any pet pal for himself. Everyone seemed to of have a connection with every animal, but Peyton couldn't find one at all. Until the end when his Language of love was presented with a dog, collie.

The book sort of explains how everyone has a language of love and a companion that represwents it.

They also included on every page a little seeking game. Where you have to find the bug on every large picture page, another thing to make this book EXTRA FUN as well.:)

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