Friday, October 11

Writing Fight Scenes, by Rayne Hall

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Writing Fight Scenes
 by Rayne Hall 

 Thank you Rayne Hall for the copy of the book. :)

 This is a book that will teach you to write in some fighting scenes that will make the reader feel that they're in the scene. This book has the simplest way to create these scenes and all you need to do is use the 6 part structure as the blueprint. You can get the performance in your writing from extreme to not so much, yet still get the reader excited to read it. Not only is it going to put a fight of the human verse human type, but you'll get animals, and obstacles. Plus the way to add in fights about battles, duels, brawls, riots and showdowns. You probably could take the idea of maybe a disney movie like the Lion King. One I love. Now you know how at the end Simba is trying to help his kingdom and his friends and family, from Scar and the Hyena's. Well the way they add in the obstacles of flames, and Hyena's to battle plus Scar. It sort of shows how they had to make it more spectacular by making it seem more eventful, for a finale. So in writing you can make it just the same, add in those special details and get a wonderful story with excitement and magnificent images that will be running wild in the reader's mind. Lets just say, you'll get all the information you need to have the best fighting scene in your written story. 

Whether it be foe a play, for a novel, or a movie, it will just help with all your required scenes. I want to give you one example of a helpful view on how to write in an animal fight. Maybe you have an elephant who is in so much pain from these male human beings poking at it. So then it could be that this elephant breaks out of those ropes holding it down and whacks them with it's truck and stomps down on them causing screaming, shouting, and destruction of these male beings. Blood splatters all over the rocky ground and terror is raised in everyone eyes, this elephant will not stop and justice will be made. So you can sort of get creative make it feel exciting and add something to all your books that will make the fighting scenes come to life. Please check it out, and you'll be writing scenes in your books like as easy a slicing pie! :) 

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