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Wolfsangel: by Lisa Perrat

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            by Liza Perrat

Thank you Lisa for this wonderful novel to review. :)

For all of you who don't know Liza Perrat she was known for her great novels, on the
French culture. She has won awards at the 2004 Writers Bureau annual competition. She was
writing her novels and they've been mentioned in magazines and anthologies.

Now her two known books in the series that she has written are the Spirit of Lost Angels, Wolfsangel, and shes working on her third book for this series called Blood Rose Angel. They all revolve around the wars in France and the last one she is working on is about the 14th century Black Plague. I was able to review the first of the series, Spirit of Lost Angels.  Now, I'm happy to say that I'm reviewing one of her newest additions. The second book in the series,

These books are in the category of historical fiction, and revolve around the wars and tragedies that took place in history.  She puts real life history in to these pages that make it sound so realistic. Making the story more exciting page after page.

Now the story is about a girl named Céleste Roussel. She is fighting her guilt after the German troops marched into her village seven decades ago, 1943. As her loved ones were being deported to concentration camps. She was left to either Help with the French and
fight the Germans or pursue her love for this German officer.  This is one tough decision she has to make and it will be something she'll remember for ever. The book is one unforgettable journey about a woman's choice and problems she'll be facing during this World War. So in short, Wolfsangel is a blend of what comes from the
courage She must face through mind, body, and spirit.

In my opinion, I loved how it felt as this was someones journal brought to life in a story form, could one day be a movie that's how good it was. The descriptions made the scenes sound so real, as if your right there. I really get sad when you read how people started putting signs in the windows saying No Dogs, No Jews. I hated hearing about that
in history class. How harsh back then it was, and hurtful.  When you have a hard choice to make and during something like a War, you know it will definitely stick with you no matter what. I mean if your stuck between two choices and either way it works in your favor, but might cost lives or even a love that may be.. You will always remember that date and never forget what you chose.

I also want to point out she uses factual events and put together a tale that you never know could have occurred back then in a similar matter. However, with all the facts that were put in this story, it sounds as if your reading a real historical event.

I think if your into a little history lesson and want to take a journey with Céleste Roussel, this would be the book for you. Not only will you get a wonderful story, but you'll be moved by her choice and how everything resolves.

if interested in buying check it out here:
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thank you :)

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