Monday, October 7

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? by Dr. David Jeremiah

Facing Down Your Fears With Faith

By Dr. David Jeremiah

Thank you tyndale publishing for the copy to review.

This nice book is full of great advice from conquering our fears, to God being there every step of the way. Do you feel you have no fear, well how about these ones that don't seem as typical.  They could be failure, success, loneliness, crowds, death, life and anything that may be going on in your life.  Maybe you know someone or you are that person who fears to die alone, how about being left with a deadly illness, or being denied by a loved one.

So with this book you can fear no more.. because there is hope and you'll be able to pass the horrors or problems that your living with..... to grant yourself, a free and clear mind. One thing you don't want to do is lose sleep and the only way to do this is to face your fears and confront them.

So make a change in your life, and buy this book. It will help you feel more at peace no matter who you are, this book is for everyone!

What Are You Afraid Of?: Facing Down Your Fears with Faith

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