Monday, October 28

The One Year Devotions for Women Becoming a Woman at Peace

The One Year
Devotions for Women
Becoming a Woman at Peace

by: Ann Spangler
author of praying the names of God

thanks to Tyndale Publishing House for this book to review

First let me point out how lovely this like pale pink and maroon cover is with some floral design, Its beautiful!  The book will bring you to a place of peace, learn

to get there after all those long meetings, those filled to the max schedules, and all those days that you feel like the energizer bunny.  Sometimes peace is hard to

reach, because your always busy.  Not any time to deal with what you want but always running around. Read this book!

The way God and Ann Spangler, the author brings you to a place to devote your entire year to yourself.  Doing a daily routine that always gets you tied up and tired

and never leaving time for yourself, maybe its time to figure what you need.. Maybe your in need of encouragement, to keep you from giving about figuring out

how to get out of a scary place...or maybe your stuck on something.. Well this book will help you in every problem us women face as a busy mom, employee, and

everything else we do.

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