Saturday, October 5

THE JOURNAL=> by Beth Harlow

By Beth Harlow

Thank you, BookCrash for this book to review.

To begin I would love to describe the book, which it's a dark brown cover and a medium brown frame that surrounds the title and author's name. A very smooth cover as well, and not many pages, but it works for taking places since its not a huge giant book.

Now, the book is about a guys journey through the next 4 years from 1861, which will have a few mentioning of the Civil War.  However, he isn't the only one that writes in this book.  It seems to travel during the months and days to other soldiers and explain each of their relationships to God. The guy who began with the book, got it as a gift from his fiance Mary. This was before he leaves to go to war. 

I loved how much it explains the life and issues these soldiers face, while fighting in a battle. Then, you also get the way God plays a role in their lives as well. It sort of does bring strength to them as they are going through these problems and issues during this time. 

If your interested in learning about a true soldier's journey and the other soldiers, plus the reflection of how God was there to help them. You should buy this book!

Now if you would love to learn more about the author, I'll end this with a little back information.  Beth Harlow, a native Texan and her husband Gale live in Tennessee. They live near the bloodiest battles of the Civil War was fought. She loves her kids and grandchildren.  Her life is filled with taking care of them and enjoying hobbies like painting, gardening, reading and writing. So for her to write this book, it is her first true novel.

I do hope you like it and will check it out :)

thank you

God Bless

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