Monday, October 28

The Glory Of Heaven by Betty Malz

The Glory Of Heaven
by Betty Malz

a book of true stories and answers to common questions

Thanks to Bethany House, Baker house Publishing

This book is a wonderful way to get to understand what happens when you enter heaven, whats there for you, what you'll look like, and bunch more.
Many ask the same question if there is a heaven, and this book will put your mind at ease. When your time is up, wouldn't you want to know what to expect? I think I

would, so why not buy a book that will guide you to a better feeling.  Maybe some of your questions are related to being reunited to your loved ones, or free from the

pain and loneliness you have carried on for years to come while living. 

I was always thinking that once you die and go to heaven, everything is won't have that aching back pain, that sad feeling all the your whole

body and mind will change. Everyone is at peace, love is spread throughout, and you won't have to worry about anything. I was pleasantly surprised with the questions

and answers to some of the most typical and yet many of the questions were ones I've been wondering myself.

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