Monday, October 21

The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader of Algeria

The Compassionate Warrior
Abd el-Kader of Algeria

by, Elsa Marston
forwared by Barbara Petzen

Thanks to Wisdom Tales Press for this wonderful book to review today.

The book is a story biography of the Heroic Arab, Emir Abd el-Kader(1807-1883) who led the resistance to the French conquest of Algeria.
Brilliant military strategist, superb horseman, and renowned Muslim leader.
He was known to be one of the few greatest men of the century.  In the book it explains a timeline right in the back of his journey.
Inside the book is wonderful pictures of himself, and chapters that fill the book with his guidance to help Algeria against the french.

You could think of him like Martin Luther King, a hero to fight for what is right and equal liberty.
A lovely map is in the front part of the book so you can find the important places Abd el-Kader has been.

I like how this book explained in great detail all the important and unknown facts of Abd el-Kader. He who has been honored as a celebrity and is well known as a role model for young Muslims today.
Get this book for the total compassion, the unbelievable journey and obstacles that came upon this hero. If your a history person, then this book will do you well. Its full of true life photos, documents on every trip or area of interest he visited, and all
the accomplishments he made.

here is some information on the book:

Product Description

A brilliant military strategist, superb horseman, statesman, philosopher, Muslim hero … Emir Abdel Kader (1808-1883) was an international celebrity in his own time, known for his generosity and kindness even towards enemies. Today he is recognized as one of the noblest leaders of the 19th century and a pioneer in interfaith dialogue. This fascinating biography of the heroic Arab who led the resistance to the French conquest of Algeria, endured betrayal and imprisonment, and in 1860, in Syria, saved thousands of innocent people from mob violence brings a vital message for our times.

Elsa Marston is the author of almost two dozen books of fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults. She grew up in Boston, and from a young age was fascinated with the stories of ancient Egypt and the Middle East. She attended Harvard, the American University of Beirut, and Indiana University. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Oliver Stone is collaborating to produce a film about Abd El-Kader.

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