Thursday, October 3

little book of great dates

Little Book Of Great Dates
by Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

Thanks to the Tyndale House Publishers company for the book to review.

I found it very enjoyable and creative. This book is the one you would want to use for a enjoyable yet imaginative way of sparking your relationship. Not only will you get great details and ideas, but you'll also be able to strengthen and rekindle your marriage or romance, also deepen your connection.  You will never get bored of the ideas you can use in this book.  You might think its just for married couples, but you can also use it for just beginners who started out dating.  I know how bored going to a play/theater and dinner all the time can be, sometimes you lose interest.  So I would really suggest that you go and purchase this book. :)

Its small enough to bring along, has a great cover and 52 creative ideas to make you dating/marriage fun.


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