Monday, October 7

Beethoven Shreds: by The Great Kat's

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Thanks to Thomas PR, and The Great Kat for this SPECTACULAR blended Cd for review.

What is Beethoven Shreds? Its the mix of your favorite musicians classical music blended with metal.

If you know Beethoven then you know how great this composer was. You learned about him in  music class during school, you hear his music in movies and plays, or your parents might have some classical Cd's that they listen to with his joyful and lively music. Now lets take that great musician's songs and change up the instruments and add in some higher tones, and an increase in speed you then result to a rocking great classic.

Beethoven Shreds to me was more interesting to listen too, not to say the classic music was boring, but every now and then a change is always a good thing. :)

First you get the fun songs you remember from Beethoven, and then you get the more rocking and want to dance too music by The Great Kat, world's fastest guitarist.  He makes this Cd a exciting new way to listen to the classics. In the world today many feel that music back then was great, but wouldn't listen to it for long. I find it to be great for a peaceful and maybe while I'm working on a hobby like painting or sewing.  However, this Cd brings the wild side out of me!! I really want to move and maybe even if doing a painting, it makes me want to make it more spectacular or just spice things up!

Example: the classical Beethoven, I'd probably paint a simple floral painting beside a pond... but then you have Kat's take on Beethoven, and I'm making a tiger jumping out of the portrait.

I mean, I really find this to be a great way to get kids to love the classics and also to  update your love of Beethoven as well.

Here is from the creator a description:
Product Description
The Great Kat, the world’s fastest guitarist, unleashes worldwide the ultimate Shred Guitar CD -- “Beethoven Shreds.”  Displaying the world’s fastest Shred Guitar music, the new CD “Beethoven Shreds” features The Great Kat’s electrifying “The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee” on guitar and violin with dazzling insane speeds of 300 BPM and Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” on guitar/violin with the world’s most famous 4 notes by history’s first metalhead - Beethoven!

The Great Kat is the Juilliard Grad Classical violin virtuoso turned Shred Guitar Goddess, named “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine and honored by Spin Magazine with a star in the "GUITAR HERO GALAXY", who has toured with her all-male shred band and featured on TV shows and magazines around the world. Featuring songs from the highly-acclaimed “Beethoven’s Guitar Shred” DVD, “Beethoven Shreds,” CD blends Metal Music with Classical Music. Total Guitar Magazine declares “The Great Kat (Beethoven Shreds) includes a short arrangement of the tune [Beethoven Symphony No 5] at a breakneck tempo, infused with shred heroics and speed-metal accompaniment. The Great Kat's shred histrionics take Beethoven's Fifth to a whole new level."

If your interested go here to learn more and get a preview of the Cd as well:

iTunes Downloads of “Beethoven Shreds” at:
“Beethoven Shreds” CD music clips:


I do hope you enjoy this wonderful classic/rock style music, and check the site out. You will be so impressed, the minute you listen to a sample, I was and so thankful to get to review this product.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.