Friday, September 27

USpicy nail dryer

gel polish dried with USpicy light

USpicy Nail Dryer Kit
by SunvalleyTek 9w Nail Dryer

USpicy and a big thank you to
Vivian W. the marketing associate
SunvalleyTek Int.

This dryer is an awesome product. very great price, and does a great job for drying your polish for a quick and hard gel shell. I first took it out the box and read every little bit of info, that is needed to know before starting to use.  This is a kit, so it has nail files, the UV lamp, the gloves to protect your fingers from any type of damage so you get the light to aim right for what you want, your nails.  :)

Now USpicy is great maker of all different UV Lamps, and dryers.

With the product I'm reviewing today is one of their bests. Known for their compact design...great for professional salons and personal finger nail care. Another plus, which I love when I read the information it uses any gel polish not a specific brand like most require. Like when you get a sally hansen gel polish led lamp it mainly mentions only sally hansen brand polish, plus I seen another nice one and its only mentioning their polish for double the price well maybe make that triple the price for the entire kit..Whoa!!.. I rather  a great product that doesn't require specific brand polish, because then your paying for a pricey polish and when you don't have it... you can't use the machine..becomes a waste.

So with this machine as you'll see in the photo I took of my gives you a great drying, nothing left tacky.. the one layer of polish is good enough to coat and its best to use a light amount since the drying time will take longer if its thicker.  The polish will dry perfectly and its like having it done professionally at home. You can do any polish color of the gel varieties.

Main features and purpose of the lamp:
Dry your gel polish
won't harm eyes( the wavelength) from the light
suitable for home and professionals
small and compact to take and go any place

I loved this product and the delivery was fast, and came in perfect shape. I am so glad I got to review it. I always had issue with my nails chipping. I'm very hard on my nails and have to do them every day with regular polish, so to be honest this was the first time using gel on my nails with this light. Let me say this in one word, "Magnificent"! Not only did my nails not chip after scrubbing down a few dishes with that hard stuck on grease, or even cleaning the small floor with my hands.. I was shocked.. my one day changing polish will now stop and I'll always have the perfect nails every time I do them.

One thing to remember light coating with this wattage, for better drying.

Great product!!

purchase it here on amazon : <iframe src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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