Thursday, September 12, 2013

ULTRA SLEEVE ------> for tablets *

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disposable protection for tablets

I'd love to give a big Thank You to the Ultra Pro company for the product to review.

Today I'm reviewing a new product that not only does it protect your tablet, but it is disposable so you won't have to worry about saving those germs, dirt or anything that got on your cover and bring it home with you. Who would like to have a day at the hospital and in a room where many kids or adults filled with sick people and your device is sitting on that counter, you wouldn't even know what has attached to that machine and also same with schools. Thats just gross and not only is it icky to think about but to realize what your brining home to everyone else.

Ever see that Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon so wants to go to this trip with leonard but it's Valentines Day and he's taking Penny. So to speed it up, Penny agrees to let Sheldon go and he gives her a hug. Afterwards, he catches the nasty flu that she has gotten too.  So imagine do you want to take your case that you have holding your tablet and bring it to a place that may catch so much germs and dirt and bring that everyplace you go or would you rather the BEST AND BRILLIANT item the Ultra Pro Protection Sleeve, where your tablet can go any place and you can get rid of the case after its been sitting in dirt and maybe splattered with grease while cooking.

The Ultra Sleeves you get is a 10 sleeve pack with clear and easily able to access the buttons with no difficulty. I did find it easy to touch my screen and do what I do normally with no pain, like playing a game on my iPad or even searching the internet. The four main protections would be the common scratches and sand ( perfect for the beach), The water from spills and other moist areas, from dirt and bacteria ( perfect for hospitals, schools, and other places), and last is the horrible static electricity.  Now that is a SUPER reason to go and buy this product. Don't even think it has to be for adults but can also be great for teens and children as well.

I loved this product, and did take it through a few tests. First I tried to see the protection of it when I splattered water at the machine, no problem didn't cause any issues. Tried to see how well it would work against being placed in the dirt while digging up weeds in my garden, and once i took the cover off it was still perfect, even touchable when i had that cover still on!!

So all I can say about this is, "Protect your gadget for a long lasting supply of fun."

Here's the description they would like you to know as well:

Product Description

The Ultimate in Disposable Protection for tablets

Don’t let scratches and spills limit you from using your new computer tablet! Protect your valuable electronics with our new Ultra Sleeves™ disposable, protective sleeves for computers tablet and e-readers such as iPads and Kindles.

Ultra Sleeves™ are designed to be economical solutions for using your computer tablet at the beach, with your kids, in the kitchen, at a barbeque… or whenever you want to protect against that OOPS situation!

Our sleeves are made from the same high quality, acid-free, and recyclable plastic film used in the collectibles industry, with added anti-static feature to better protect your expensive electronics. We use unique double adhesive strips which provides an improved seal and the resealable adhesivea lets you open and close it back up with ease for battery charging and adjusting.

Technical Details

  • Fits 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generation iPads; FDA Approved Formulation
  • Water resistant; made with exclusive anti-static formulation to better protect electronics
  • Great for picnics, the beach, airplanes, bathrooms, kitchens or around the kids
  • No effect on Wi-fi or 4G reception
  • Dual adjustable adhesive closures for added security

 If interested check them out here:

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