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The DocSafe: Get Organized. Stay Organized

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The DocSafe

Big thanks to Joshua Keleske, and the DocSafe Company for this chance to try their site and create a virtual safe deposit box.

If your in need of a safe deposit box, to protect all of your documents... from marriage documents, emergency contacts, medical, estates, and a bunch more.. this would be for you.

Many people find that having all documents in a secure location, not only in your house or any place you may stick the shoe box under your bed or in your dresser drawl.. This will not only provide you with a second option where you upload your documents and have them saved in a personal secure site, but will also give you peace of mind if something goes wrong at home.. Your house gets on fire, you lose a piece of the document, or age takes toll and it begins to fade.. This will help lend you that peace of mind without fear of losing your important information.

I should know, I was in the Air Force so I have a few documents I'll be adding to the site for protection. As part of the military, when I was honorably separated.. You receive a document known as the DD-214, its got everything you need for the rest of your life.. to lose that would be horrible, since it may take awhile to receive it back. Not only will this document help with getting you a job, once you depart from the service.. It provides everything needed for receiving you don't want to lose that.

Now maybe your planning to include your estate planning or retirement planning maybe even funeral planning.. from the will to insurance.. this will provide you with a space to place every little document you may have.

When you get to the site, you'll notice that its super simple to get started, and the prices are very reasonable..compared to other sites you may go to place your papers.  After you finish filling and providing the specific paper works you'd love to have secured in this site..You'll be able to print the final page of everything you have added and placed in side your safe box.

Here is the description of the company:

Product Description

We operate an online business called The DocSAFE ( It's an online safe deposit box used by our members to organize and protect important documents (e.g., Wills, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives) that they may need to access at anytime. Some of our members even use The DocSAFE to maintain their resumes, treasured family recipes and pet records.

The DocSAFE was developed by a CPA and an estate planning attorney as a family centered business. As parents of two young children, they know that life can be hard, chaotic and disorganized. The DocSAFE was created with an interest in getting and staying organized.

Here are 4 great features of The DocSAFE:

1.       It’s pre-organized. Many other sites on the internet can be used to store documents. However, you need to spend your valuable time figuring out what to save and then organizing your documents. We have established categories for document storage, such as estate planning, medical, taxes and financial, and business records.

2.       It's easy to use. If you can attach a document to an email, you can upload your documents in The DocSAFE.

3.       We don't charge based on the amount of storage you use. Rather than a tiered fee structure based on usage, we simply charge a monthly fee of $5.95 or an annual fee of $49.95. Plus, we don't have any long-term contracts - you use The DocSAFE for as long as you want.

4.       We offer an affiliate program through ShareASale that allows our affiliates to receive 30% commissions on memberships.

Now if I were you, I'd not postpone this..Now a days you never know what may happen.. So to be safe then sorry, and go protect your documents!

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Twitter username is TheDocSafe
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