Tuesday, September 17

The 5 love languages of children




Thanks to the MP( Moody Publications) for this copy of the book to review

Ever question what is it that they do that signals that they love me.. Maybe wonder if at a young age, as babies when they cry is to have you be near them...

Well this book will help you understand it all and take notice of the things children do that resemble LOVE. From the hugs they give, to that smile that shows up when your serving them a delicious meal.  As a parent, you might question if your doing all you can to make sure your child grows up well and on the right track. Sometimes it is hard, and you can't be there all the time, but in a different way this book will show you that Love is being showed in a different way.

Lets start by the one chapter in this book.. Finding your child's love language.  Your a good dad or mom, and whom every you are.. the way you spent time with your kids is movie or game night every Friday. A planned day that is set for the entire family to get together and have fun.  Now maybe just the times spent together is away to allow everyone to talk about whats going on and feel safe and enjoy each others company. I know as a child when my mom would allow for Friday, Saturday and Sunday a entire weekend to be all about the family, where we would cook a great dinner and watch movies etc.. I know my love was shared by just my excitement to always wanting Friday to begin after an entire week to go.. I would help cook the meals, and we would always pick out the movies together. It was an entire event, and what a fun event.

I would suggest the love put into cooking this great meal, the love of just wanting to be all together hanging out and enjoying each others company as well was there.  Maybe if your time together wasn't big, then how about your time when you showed up to every football game, or another sport or even a play and cheering them on. They may return the love with a smile, or a thank you.

So in this book you'll learn all about the ways LOVE  can be spread from your child. Plus its not about the child only showing love but how you can show it as well. As a parent you can do certain things, just like the showing up to the event and cheering them on. Another way is to surprise them with a gift when they come home or just being there when they are in need.  These are all ways to show love.

If you are like me, you'll find this book helpful.
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