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Spanish / English Learning Program for Children LA FAMILIA/ THE FAMILY EBOOK

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Spanish / English Learning Program for Children LA FAMILIA/ THE FAMILY EBOOK


thanks to Happy Language Kids and Suzy for the complimentary copy

This ebook is about teaching a child or children a new language. Its a choice

of English or Spanish. The book isn't meant for reading to a child to put them

to sleep, but to teach them how to speak another language.

The ebook I was able to review is the first in a series of bilingual books for

children. Now a days, Spanish is mainly heard all around and is important to

know where ever you go. You get taught it in school as well, so why not start

early and learn something at a young age and make it easier once you get older.

I always think its easier to learn something at a young age, since its known

why many parents try to teach their kids as they grow so they are able to

succeed in life faster.

When I began to read through the ebook, I notice how easy the way the words are

set up and simple for my children to understand what they are looking and and

trying to grasp what the word is in another language. Reminds me almost of

going back to school, yet with an easier approach for children.

On every page you have two cute critters chatting to each other. The words on the bottom of the page are in English then the words in the pictures with the critters and their bubbles have the Spanish words. So it was very easy since the words aren't in a long sentence but just a few words like:
Hello => Hola
How are you? => Como estas?

and so on as they conversate through the pages it gets a bit trickier with more words used but its not super hard or scary to use as a way to teach Spanish.. Much easier I think for kids to learn it and even adults if they never had the pleasure as well to learn the Spanish language, or if you do speak Spanish then to learn the English language better as well.
Also to note its all about LA FAMILIA=> THE FAMILY, so you will be viewing a whole family conversation to each other through out the pages.

I loved the book and the cuteness and how easy it was, honestly in high school I took french so this was easier to understand Spanish in a book like this even if its meant for younger kids lol:)

great book, does help and makes learning FUN!!

You can purchase it on amazon for the kindle here:
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