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Prized! ==> book review

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Your journey as his daughter

This is by
Noelle Toscano

Prized! Your journey as his daughter, is a fresh inspiring way to learn how to let God in while in the time of darkness. As a teenage its super hard to feel as if your not sure what is out there for you...finding yourself not being heard, or feeling as if no one cares. You feel as if you need to fall into these harmful temptations out there and figure its your only way to feel all your best.  However, this book will get you through all those difficulties.

One chapter I'd like to point out since I have a sister as well, is chapter two.  Perfect Girl is the title of this chapter it explains what most twins would figure that is exactly what happens to them. Everyone thinks they have to be the same. If one of the girls are shy and does something or says something that might be by mistake they both get in trouble for it. Like when my sister did something we both be called upon it, or if when I was young and shy It was interesting how we both were shy because I am shy, even tho I might be a twin doesn't mean we both are the same.  It shows how each of us have our own personalities and don't feel like each of us should be categorized in the same way.

If you have a daughter who may relate to this then this would indeed be a book for them.

However their is more stories in this book on each chapter talking about particular things from apologizing for the wrong and sins that might of happen to being not so young girl.

It is very helpful for one to understand a daughter who may be heading into teen years and feeling and changing in a different way. Maybe wearing all black, or not hanging out with the family no more..

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