Friday, September 13, 2013


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A big thanks to the Mark-My-Time company for this awesome new product..

You know what a bookmark is, but do you know what a digital bookmark is?
Well this product is a bookmark which does what a bookmark does keeps your place. However, this is no

ordinary bookmark, its been upgraded to a digital timer bookmark. You get a choice of 6 bright colored

bookmarks, made of durable polyethylene plastic and very slim fitting any type of book.
The purpose of this bookmark is to test your childs speed maybe test how fast it takes you to do a

puzzle in a suduko book, or read a page of music, while keeping your place.

I first thought of this as a great way to allow a child to read a favorite book and see how long it

takes them every day. I use to do this when I would do a suduko puzzle book how long it takes me to

figure a puzzle out and time it..each time i got faster and faster.. So I think this idea was an

awesome one to put a timer on a bookmark, not only will it make you see how good your speed is, but

make it fun as well. Turn any book into a fun game.
This is meant for ages 5 and up. In my opinion I think anyone really can use it, not only kids. If you

want to test yourself and increase your reading ability then this would work perfect for you as well.

Here is an example of using this bookmark:
    If your child has a favorite book, maybe a Dr Seuss book. Then allow them to read it through

with this bookmark timer going. If you just want to mark an area in the book doesn't have to be the

entire book right away but a portion of it you can do so as well. Now after a one read over, Maybe in

few hours allow them to read it again and see if they read it faster or not as fast, or let the reread

the book tomorrow and see how faster they are getting every time with the MARK-MY-TIME DIGITAL

BOOKMARK. You can do this as long as you like, and you'll be impressed how much faster their reading

abilities are getting.


I would know since I tried it, but honestely it does. When your being timed, you get the feeling of it

being a game and trying to beat the clock is your goal. Haven't you ever ran a mile and then tried to

beat your score every time. How about just playing a computer online against others, and trying to get

your word or whichever game your playing on the board before you run out of time. It sortof works just

like that making you a faster reader. Which helps any child when they grow up and have to read novels

for school reports, or help you improve your reading.

Here is a description from the company:
There’s no other product quite like it! Now you can accurately track children’s required reading times

to help take the work out of daily reading homework.

Named “Best New Product of 2004” by BookExpo America its fun colors and electronic functions encourage

kids to make reading a daily habit. For parents, it's just a touch of a button, and the electronic

timer is set to monitor how long a child reads.

Made of durable polyethylene plastic it’s available in six hot colors - Neon Blue, Neon Purple, Neon

Green, Bright Pink, Bright Yellow and Bright Red. With its slim form, it fits neatly between the pages

of any book.

At the top is a digital clock that's powered by a replaceable watch battery. Choose to set a countdown

timer with alarm that alerts readers when they have completed their required reading time or use the

cumulative timer, which stores up to 100 hours of reading time over multiple sessions until the reader

chooses to delete it. A 60-second countdown/count up feature displays seconds at the one-minute mark to

aid in fluency checks.

Also ideal for timing music practice sessions, timed math fact activities, meetings, homework study

sessions, cooking and interval training when exercising.

Parents and teachers from across the country confirm that the mark-my-time digital bookmark is the best

and easiest way to monitor reading time and keep kids excited about reading so they'll want to read


AGES 5 AND UP | Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 7-3/4"

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