Saturday, September 7, 2013

League Of Legends training course ( GAME REVIEW)

League Of Legends (video game)
Training course

Any big gamers out there??

Well here is an exciting new part of the original League of Legends.
This is a training course to help you get the best scores ever!!

Summoner School is the most helpful training course to get you good at League of Legends...It will not only make you understand the game more, but become the best player out of all your friends.. Don't you want to be the one known for as the top player in everything you play and Hear your name being mentioned as unstoppable, unbeatable, and champion player.. Well I would so hope if your a true League of Legends player, that you would purchase this course and then show off to all your friends who's the best.. No more coming in last, you can now be #1 all the time..:)

Here is the overview guide of the game
    ===> <===

Thanks to the LOL GUIDES for the free access to review their training course.:)

On the site, I was able to take notice of beginners guide..with 19 helpful and useful ways to get better as a beginner..from knowing how much gold you get every time in the game when you start, to the unique passive items that can't be stacked with another unique passive of the same name..
How about the way to cast... it even tells you which letters you'll need to use to cast spells and how to access it through the in-game options.. getting you to the next level easier..

Then you have the Introduction, where you'll see 8 main contents that will improve the way you play..

One of them I'd like to share is===> WILL GAME CHANGES AFFECT YOU WINNING?
For the response under this title ==> League of Legends is updated every week and items change, new champions are added but the LOL(League of Legends) ladders remain the same. So the foundations of a great LOL player will remain unchanged.

Therefore, if you see new improvements or additions, you'll still hold on top or wherever you rank...

Other introduction info you'll receive is HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO, HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE GUIDE, 4 STAGES TO BECOME A GREAT PLAYER, and a bunch more.

Next the Pre-Game content, where you'll learn about every item and spells and anything you wanted to know about a specific item. and most important a great way to learn how to win before the game begins..who wouldn't want to know that. :)
Its very well detailed and labeled.. organized in a specific way to help you understand what belongs in every group..
example of number 3 Runes:

The list

3. Runes

   a. How to Unlock All Champions for Free – 7 Tips to Get IP Fast
   b. 3 Principles of a Good Rune Setup
   c. What Rune Pages You Really Need
   d. AP Carry (Mana)
   e. AP Carry (Mana-Free)
   f. AD Carry
   g. Tank
   h. Jungler
   i. Support
   j.  Exercise: Rune Setup

That's just one area of the Pre-Game content, more is listed on the guide..

Now for the In-Game section...

this is a list of Roles played during the game..from what each is known as and what the purpose, items, warding, ranking, and exercises that are referred with each Role.
You also get a chance to learn laning strategies from strength

 and weaknesses, the benefits of certain items, and exercises to help you come out on top..

Next is the Team-Game info...

learning how to win in a team fight, some situational strategy, how to claim Dragon and Baron, and how to win with noobs..

I love that it also gives you the help you need when your losing.. I never seen something help you when your losing.. normally you just lose or you have to restart, but you actually can come back from a lose and still win!!
Plus a part that tells you what to do if everything fails, now that's awesome!! I never ever seen that a well, if your in deep trouble and losing and have no other options.. there still is one no matter what. So don't surrender just yet lol

Now for the Last part, the Post-Game..

In this section you learn how to get help for certain questions, how to choose good advice from bad advice, and the science of the game and a bunch more.. You really get to learn more about how to become a master player and master the game in this section.

There is a bunch more info you can find on the site and I'm hoping you'll check it out.... If your a beginner or just a novice and want to be a TOP PLAYER.. I say Hurry and go check this game out..

You will also get a sample of 5 FREE DAYS!!!
SO I encourage you to do so and go here:

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