Saturday, September 28

Is Love A Fairy Tale? => album review

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Is Love A Fairy Tale?
by Aoede

Thank you once again Aoede for this lovely tale on a Cd.
I can't get enough of it!! I was listening to it, once it arrived..I was running from the mailbox to the house just to play it. :) Its just that exciting and good..

The Cd is another one of Aoede's beautiful story tales in form of music with a story line. Another way you can think of it as a beautiful story on an audio book. This one evolves around Aoede's search for love and being set in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven.  Her journey to find love, is such a beautiful one. She meets muses who help her, as well as colorful characters. 

Is Love A Fairy Tale? is Aoede's third album and fifth release which has been known for its 3 awards and is also known for its LA music award for children's album of the year. With the addition of the contest finalist songwriter John Lennon. 

In this album you get a nice story and 17 songs that go along with it. I always remember it as a play that you'll see, except you get to listen and visualize it..which I do find it fun, more then listing to music. It sort of plays a tale in your mind almost like reading but with out having to hold or look at words.

Before I tell you where you can visit to receive this album or where to follow here, I want to spend a little time in this review to explain a few things.. I never got to mention this last time, but I figure I explain the product you do receive for anyone of Aoede's audio books.

First, when I got this package and the other, it came in such a lovely wrapping. Like a gift ready to be opened, that's what makes it more special. Not only do you get a great music tale, but you get this lovely designed cover and ribbon. I think that is just a sweet way to add their own special touch to the Cd's. It sort of makes it easier to tell them apart from other songs, you feel loved when you get it, and it makes the Cd seem special to give as a gift as well or receive.

I loved the card that arrived with my package as the other time I got one of her Cd's.  It was a sweet way to thank me...I loved it!! She is not only making a great Cd, but she will take her time to hand write a thank you. I mean I never had many companies actually write thank you, except in a typed up letter.  I really appreciate that and I want to say thank you for the lovely card. :)

Now if you all want to follow Aoede's music and this story on audio book,

You can do so here:

This will be the main site for the Cd:

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