Wednesday, September 25

FORGIVENESS: Overcome The Impossible

Overcome The Impossible

Grammy Nominated: Mathew West
foreword by Karen Kingsbury

Thanks to Thomas Neilson company for the complimentary book to review.

This is a book for ones who need to find it in themselves to forgive for what has happened and let go of the past. If your like many and feel guilt that is burdening your l life.  Maybe it was something you did a while back to a friend and ever since then felt awful, or you always have this huge amount of anger that surrounds your life.  This is the book you'll need to help you understand how to cope with these issues.

The book will allow you to set all your worries, fears, and pains FREE!!
 <3 <3

There are many inside stories, of real life people who had to deal with these type of issues, You may be luck to find a similar scenario as well.

Here is a preview of the 7 steps to help you:

  1. Admit the wrong.
  2. Admit the hurt.
  3. Acknowledge the need.
  4. Confess any sinful responses.
  5. Release the hurt to Jesus.
  6. Bless the one(s) who hurt you.
  7. Release the hurt and let the Lord replace it with healing 

So with those steps you can learn how to develop a good plan and forgive what has been done.
 Inside one's story, Like many this was about a Father.. his daughter has grown up and gone down a dark path/road. Not only is it hard as a dad to see your little girl grown up and moving down the wrong path but having no idea how to help her. In this case, it just took a bit of time till God has pointed her to the right direction and till then she was suffering.  However, in time the pain will heal and God will be there every step guiding you to the right direction.

In my life, I would say I fell into a bad path a few times and still trying to find my way back out. Yet once I get ahead in my life I still end up a few spaces back.. However, I know in time it will be healed and I'll get there as long as it takes. I also know how upsetting my past is, but in time it does heal and I just need to life for today, not what has past but what is Now!  This is what really matters, What You or I or anyone does now.

I thought the book was very ideal for everyone who needs to welcome in the Lord and understand that your not alone, God will guide you, and you will get through any difficult/unbearable problem in time..all you need to do is forgive yourself and others..

Simple to say then do, but once you get use to understanding what has been keeping you down and not allowing you to grow and move on..Once you find what is holding you down and what needs to be'll learn to be FREE.:):)

if interested in this book you can check it out here:

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