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DOG TRAINING BASICS- All In One Start up Guide!

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Dog training Basics:
all in one start up guide

by Vivaco Books

Thanks to Vivaco Books for the product to sample on my kindle.

This book is meant to help you understand Dog Training and Behavior, Training Methods and Standard Commands.
Once you get your puppy, or dog you'll need to know how to train them and make sure they behave around other

people or animals. One thing everyone hates is a nasty, or untamed animal running a round terrorizing others or

even certain objects. When I had a dog at a young age, It was a found dog from the woods. He seemed pretty

nice, not harsh around people, yet was very hard to care for. It would bite the chairs in my moms house, chew

on cacti plants in the window, and pretty much go where ever it pleased.. At that point it wasn't able to stay

in our house and we had to get rid of it.  Sad but true, I think some dogs that even rescues are harder to care

for then the ones that you get at a young. Right now I have one rescue dog, she was a puppy when we got her.

However she does have attachment issues to my mom. When i go near her to hug her she growls and goes into

attack mode but one step away shes licking you. :)

I found this book very helpful in understand that you can't train a dog the same way you teach kids or teach

certain animals. Like with the way of using hand signals and verbal commands you can get their attention and

help them understand what to do at that moment.  I found with my other puppy which we got before the rescue,

but they both grew that you train them young and repeat the same commands not using different hand

signals or words for the same thing. Example if you want them to sit, tell them <SIT> and only use that word

for sit not any other word or words cause it will confuse them. Same with the hand signaling, use one hand


So in this book you will learn different methods that may be right for you and your puppy/dog.  Also you get to

learn the house essentials for your dog that you will need when having a new dog or making sure your dog is

well maintained and not going to fall in a bad habit of any sort.  The book also covers some frequently asked

questions, that may even answer the questions you may have on the subject as well.

This was a very good book and indeed helpful in learning and taking care of a dog for the first time or even if

you had a dog and got a new one. Some new techniques and ways to correct and teach a puppy/dog.

Also remember that with this book you learn the trained secrets as well known by many which have worked for all types of dogs.

here is where you can purchase it:

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