Tuesday, September 3

Book Review Unforseeable

This is the third book: Road Of Kingdom

Unforeseeable by Nancy Mehl

thanks to Bethany House for chance to review this book and for the copy to do so..:)

This book is based on the life of a lady named Callie Hoffman, from Kingdom, Kansas.  Who is engaged to a new pastor. She spends her days working with her friend Lizzie Housler, her soon to be sister-in-law.
The major part of this book is based on a guy in the town who has killed a person right outside of the town. That the sheriff warns everyone is a serial killer, and begins to question all the residents in Kingdom. 

I thought it was interesting, very different. Almost reminds me of a Lifetime movie, where you get a town who has an unwanted guest.. However, they don't know who it is.. If your into that type of story where your husband may know more or a friend may know about the killings and probably who has been committing them, then this be the book for you.

It will surly catch your attention, no doubt about it? 

Plus to mention this book also uses the trust of God to help them feel at peace and understand whats going on.

if your interested you can purchase it here:

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