Thursday, September 19

31 DAYS TO HAPPINESS: by david jeremiah

How to Find What Really Matters in Life


Thanks to BookSneeze for the copy for reviewing :)

The book is based on life's moments. Every thing that goes on in your life and what ways you can make it from being depressed or angry to being happy the rest of your life. The author tries to put you to the test and ask the question you what really matters. He researches and looks into the lives of the most successful man, King Solomon.  A king who tested life's fullness and what it has to offer.

If you were one to believe happiness was just empty hopes, then you need to get this book and understand its not. Take these words that this book has to offer and remember them. This will help you succeed. Here's a good piece of information from the bible, mentioned in this book:

(Ecclesiastes 11:1-6)           Life is uncertain: embrace it!
(Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8)       Life is short: enjoy it!
(Ecclesiastes 12:9-12)       Life is mysterious: examine it!
(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)        Life is obedience: express it!

Find this book to allow you to know what your missing, what happiness is really bringing you, and what to expect the next time certain issues come up.  This book will guide you through all your questions, doubts, and feelings.

If interested it can be purchased here:

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