Friday, August 30

Thirty Days of Bible study for Busy Mamas, Colossians 3 book review

Thirty Days of Bible study for Busy Mamas, Colossians 3
by Pam Forster

First, Thank you BookCrash for the complimentary copy of the book.

This book is about getting you to learn the bible with ease.. as a mom your always buys and time is hard to have for learning and understanding the bible...However you want to nourish yourself with God's blessings and understand more..

In this book you will learn the benefits of the bible for a Mom's life. Why kids ask the question why.. and how meditating is helpful..etc.. So many different days of different thoughts that moms go through.

A sample of the book day 29 children.. In this section you learn as a mom your there to train and make your kids grown up with the right type of head on their shoulders.  From being the enforcers to being the one they turn to when in need of encouragement and guidance.

another page would be day 11, But... why is but used many things it changes a answer of someones to another it makes a whole difference..
example of one way is :  My summer is going to be staying home all day, but dad bought us a few tickets to the  concert.

So if there was no but in this sentence then the summer would mainly be staying home.. so the change be the concert because of dad's tickets bringing a new event to the summer then being home.

The book has many more and if your interested in finding out more check it out here: