Tuesday, August 27

Think 4:8 book review


by New York Times Bestseller Author
Tommy Newberry with Lyn Smith

Thanks to Tyndale for this complimentary copy to review..

This book is very helpful, teaching you how to direct your thoughts. The goal of the book is in 40 days have you feeling more joyful and happier then you've been. In each page of the book you learn different techniques and ways to get you from :( to :).  The format of the book is set up like a workbook.. You are able to write down your responses to the questions asked on certain pages and see what results from it.

For example there's a part in the book, Day 17 that is called Hunting Rats..On this are of the page it describes how to tell the negative thoughts of people who are out to make you feel low.. Like one of the options is the Blamers, who want to point the finger and make you feel worse and prolong the feeling that is building up.. So at the end of the section you get an area to work out your thoughts on the subject, for instance this subject was on Hunting Rats... You are given three boxes to place three types that bother you the most, then you keep in mind the little note of the day which was I am in a Rat-free zone and pray afterwards to end the lesson..

I found this book very helpful and fun.. I loved how it was written like a work book for every day theres a section.. So 40 days to joy this maybe the book for you.

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