Saturday, August 10

The Prediabetes Detox, kindle review

The Prediabetes Detox

A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood Sugar, Increase Energy, and Reduce Sugar Cravings

Sarah Cimperman
New Harbinger Publications, Inc.
New Harbinger Publications 
This book will help improve your body from the inside out.. Many ways to reduce and take care of your self before you become fully diabetic. and how to handle foods you eat or your day to day stress.  This book is well written to help you in your everyday cleansing.. 
A simple and easy to understand book heres the description by the author:


If you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes, you are by no means alone. 79 million Americans share this diagnosis, and the numbers only seem to be rising. And while we’ve all heard that a healthy diet and exercise can help reverse this disorder, there may be other factors at play in your prediabetes—namely, toxins.
Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct link between toxins in our food and type 2 diabetes. In The Prediabetes Detox, primary care physician and naturopathic doctor Sarah Cimperman will show you how to reverse prediabetes by eliminating unwanted toxins from your diet and home. You will learn to balance your blood sugar levels, increase your energy, and end your unhealthy cravings once and for all using a safe, effective at-home cleansing program that is both practical and manageable.
By disrupting hormones, altering cells in the pancreas, and interfering with energy production, toxins can cause insulin resistance, fat accumulation, and high blood sugar associated with pre-diabetes. Using the detox regimen and recipes outlined in this book, you will start feeling healthier, have more energy, and stay firmly on the path to conquering this ubiquitous disease.



ty netgalley for lending me a copy for review


this is easy to understand and great for your health


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